Dynamic Pricing A Possibility In Chicago

Dynamic ticket pricing continues to be a hot discussion amongst teams and will be tested very soon in the Chicago market using Qcue, the service currently used by the San Francisco Giants. Dynamic pricing allows teams to price each game according to demand, eliminating the static face values we’ve seen for so long.

StubHub will argue that they’ve been dynamically pricing tickets since inception and doing so without any price floors- however that’s easy to do when you have no skin in the game and dont need to sell tickets to less sought after games to cover overhead expenses. Teams will argue that they dont want to identify “soft” or “distressed” inventory and dynamic pricing will water down season ticket holders. (All arguments that dynamic pricing providers have rebuttals for…whether they are effective or not).

Dynamic pricing is another tool in creating transparency and efficiently pricing tickets. The Priceline.com model is on the way with ScoreBIG and the Kayak model is beign built and led by FanSnap.com. Transparency and efficient pricing, the mantra of Spotlight Ticket Management, are quickly coming to the market and the fan stands to benefit the most. The ticket and event market is heading towards efficiency, it’s just a matter of who gets there first.

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