You Want to Take ME to the Game?!

So my boss came into my office at the end of the day today and assigned me this week’s blog post.  I was throwing around some idea when I got a call from a buddy, let’s call him Bob. Bob said, “You want to go to the hockey game tonight? I have some extra tickets.” Bob went on to tell me that they were his company’s suite tickets and he had 8 extra so I could bring anyone else as well.

I’m sure you or someone you know has been on either side of this situation, right? For me, it will always be different as I’m “too close to the project” with sports tickets and immediately think:  What if I took 2 tickets from Bob and brought my uncle who’s a politician in Portugal? Or I brought my older brother who is a local state senator? They’d never know we were breaking a number of laws and creating fineable offenses just so I could go to the game with my buddy Bob (besides the fact I am not in any way a prospect for their business). Asking me to go to a game on a company ticket is like asking an oncologist to join you for a smoke.

Imagine if your boss came up to you and gave you $4,000 dollars out of the company budget, told you to go spend it on whatever and whoever you want, no questions asked. Never in a million years, right? Bob getting 8 luxury suite tickets without any questions asked is the same thing. I can’t help but wonder if companies realize that tickets are the closest thing to actual money employees have access to and most times they are given away without any questions asked.

On another note, are there not 8 other employees at Bob’s organization that would want to attend the game? Do they even know about the tickets? Why wouldn’t they give it to them and take the tax deduction from section 274 of the tax code? This is where my mind goes when someone innocently asks me if I want to attend a ball game with a company ticket.

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