Why the most expensive ticket in sports is worth every cent

You may be surprised, but the priciest sports ticket isn’t the Super Bowl. It isn’t the clincher in the World Series, Game 7 of the NBA Finals or a Stanley Cup game either. Nope, this distinction lies with golf and its most storied tradition: The Masters. With all 4 major North American leagues growing steadily every year, it seems peculiar that a trip to the greens of Augusta is a considerably bigger investment than the finales of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL seasons. This year’s numbers affirm an emerging trend around golf’s kingpin event. In a study conducted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the local news source reported just how high the premium is to see the world’s best golfers duel it out for a major championship. Just how expensive are tickets?

How are these tickets so expensive? Well for one, there is not a golf course in America with the storied history of Augusta. Any serious golfer would consider this an experience of a lifetime, as walking the grounds, experiencing the atmosphere and watching the world’s best compete is something you cannot experience many other places. The emergence of Tiger Woods and his rediscovered success on the course also has an enormous impact on the demand of golf, as detailed recently by this USA today article.   But the $4,486 dollar question is whether or not the Masters is worth its lofty price tag. To the avid golf fan, this is a no-brainer. It is an experience that needs to be crossed off the bucket list. What about for business purposes? The Master is unrivaled by any other sports event for client or prospect entertainment for a number of reasons:

  1. Four days of uninterrupted time with your VIP is irreplaceable
  2. If your guest is a golf fan, you will be embarking with them on the trip of a lifetime.
  3. An NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL game is only a few hours of dense and loud sports action. The Masters gives you the opportunity to walk at your own pace, explore the grounds and build a relationship with your guest over the course of a weekend
  4. Allows you to take Thursday and Friday off of work

A $4,000+ ticket seems like a tough expenditure to swallow, but the potential for driving business revenue at a sporting event like this is unrivaled. With our customers here at Spotlight, we’ve found that big events result in a 1998% return on the ticket investment.  With a high price tag and an astounding potential ROI, the Masters has proven to be a hole-in-one for our clients. Is the Masters worth every cent you will pay for the event? We are willing to bet it’s worth all 4,486,000 of them.

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