Halloween Horror: Corporate Sports Tickets Gone Wrong

Picture this, a big financial firm that does a ton of entertaining (you know, sports, concerts, shows, all that stuff). You got your top VP who drives a lot of revenue and probably uses these tickets to do so. Now imagine, this same VP, taking those same tickets, and giving them to some government official… Read More

Do You Know Who Is Using Your Sports Tickets?

Sports ticket giveaways have been making recent news headlines. In the state of Georgia, the mix of free and football and politics has led to new legislation banning giveaways. Ticket gifting has drawn attention in Texas. In Missouri, a financial firm was recently disciplined by FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and fined for distributing… Read More

Why the most expensive ticket in sports is worth every cent

You may be surprised, but the priciest sports ticket isn’t the Super Bowl. It isn’t the clincher in the World Series, Game 7 of the NBA Finals or a Stanley Cup game either. Nope, this distinction lies with golf and its most storied tradition: The Masters. With all 4 major North American leagues growing steadily… Read More

You Want to Take ME to the Game?!

So my boss came into my office at the end of the day today and assigned me this week’s blog post.  I was throwing around some idea when I got a call from a buddy, let’s call him Bob. Bob said, “You want to go to the hockey game tonight? I have some extra tickets.”… Read More

49ers New Stadium Numbers Prove Sports in the Silicon Valley are Back in Business

As the tech mecca of America continues to prosper, so too do its sports teams. With the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, and the up-and-coming Golden State Warriors all performing at the top of their leagues with bright futures, bay area corporations are finding their teams hot tickets worth the lofty… Read More

Checking in on the business landscape of the post-lockout NHL

A few months ago, the second NHL lockout in 10 years threatened to wipe out one of sports’ most enthusiastic fan bases. Analysts all chimed in with opinions on how this work stoppage might be the deathblow to a sport already resting in the shadows of the other major North American professional leagues. We are… Read More

5 Ways To Save Your Sports Tickets

When the time comes to cut costs, tickets and luxury suites are a popular target. They shouldn’t be, as seen here in Workplace Magazine. Below are five ways you can save your ticket assets from being downsized in 2013: 1)      Stop Hiding Tickets and Showcase Them. Rules best learned in kindergarten go out the door… Read More

Sports Ticket Management Goes Mainstream

Immediate Release A Recent Influx of Fortune 1000 Customers, Major Team Partners and Strategic Alliances Has Spotlight Ticket Management Reporting Record Numbers CALABASAS, Calif. (November 14th, 2012) – The days of company tickets wasting away in drawers are coming to an end. Online ticket management has arrived as a mainstream solution evidenced by record numbers reported… Read More

Missouri athletic department forced to tighten procedures in accounting for tickets to campus sporting events

The Mizzou athletic program is cracking down on its employees and players after being audited as a part of a routine check up on school-issued funds. The sanctions came after the audit flagged a $7,600 strip club bill, a $3,000 team dinner and an assortment of other minor purchases charged under the school’s name. The… Read More

Arizona Department of Public Safety the Latest Victim of Ticket Scandal

Nobody is above the law when it comes to bribery and ticket misuse, especially the law. Just ask the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), Lieutenant Colonel Jack Hagerty and Captian Ken Hunter, who found out the hard way after accepting free tickets from an interesting source: the American Trucking Association (ATA). The ATA’s fleet… Read More

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