Held at MetLife Stadium, CTIC 2013 featured dynamic speakers including Darren Rovell, sports reporter at ESPN, and Scott O’Neil, former president of MSG Sports and current CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers. The conference brought together leading buyers and sellers of premium ticket assets, drawing executives and representatives from every major sports league as well as top corporate decision makers and solutions providers.

The one-day event hosted panels and sessions that featured over 60 speakers.

Keynote Speech

Darren Rovell, Sports Business reporter for ESPN, kicked off the conference with insightful and provocative comments, as well as advice, on improving the corporate buyer-team seller relationship.

“I know guys whose knees buckled in front of the CEO and the next year they were gone. Did the team ask him what he needed to quantify his return on investment?”
Darren Rovell, ESPN

Opening Session

The opening session, moderated by Darren Rovell, included team executives and distinguished experts with education, legal, and consulting backgrounds.

“The [team] is here to listen to you and design a package. People are telling us it’s not the cost of the suite. It’s 120-140 nights — I just can’t find the people.”
Tom Wilson, Olympia Entertainment
(Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers)

Compliance And Legal Issues:
“Beware The Stick”

Owning sports tickets isn’t all fun and games. There are serious compliance, tax, and fraud issues that must be understood. This session underscores these issues that corporations must consider.

Best Practices in Corporate Ticketing:
“Ticket Utilization, De-Bundling
and Electronic Ticketing”

In a session moderated by Leigh Castergine of the New York Mets, executives from RR Donnelley and Jeld-Wen highlight ideas for improving ticket utilization.

“The toughest thing is to manage the tickets — and ideas — for how to get the utilization up. Before, people were reluctant to ask for tickets because they figured they were already taken or they hadn’t planned far enough in advance.”
Bill Hueffner, Jeld-Wen

The Art of The Deal

How do sellers and buyers strike a deal that leaves something on the table for both sides? Or not? Listen to experts share insights on how to understand the other side and negotiate more effectively.

“The world has changed. You have to have an openness and a creativity and a versatility to change as partners’ motives change.”
Ken Ferriter, MetLife Stadium

To Know Is To Grow

In this keynote, Scott O’Neill shares advice learned from working for different legends in the business on how to manage more effectively.

“I want New York nice. Please and thank you. If you smile, you go from a B to an A”
Scott O’Neil, Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils

Buyers and Seller:
Partnership Advice

Bernie Mullin draws upon his experience with the NBA, Atlanta Hawks, Colorado Rockies and more to give insightful advice to premium seating buyers and team executives.

“Is it unpopular if you go up to the top corporate people in your organization and say ‘here’s clear ROO / ROI?'”
Dr. Bernie Mullin, The Aspire Group

How Technology is Transforming Ticketing and CRM

Listen to selected panelists talk about technology advantages for teams that include geo-fencing, Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and the use of big data.

“You can put together programs to better activate the sponsorship for those corporate clients, to deliver mobile apps for those clients.”
Jane Kleinberger, Paciolan

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