Held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, NY, CTIC 2014 created an opportunity for industry leaders to discuss the business of sports and to directly impact the future of the industry. The one-day event hosted panels and sessions that featured over 60 speakers and covered topics on ticket management, food and beverage maximization, branding, non-game day access, compliance strategies, regulatory issues, design and many more.

The World of Sports Tickets,
Corporations, and Teams by ESPN’s Darren Rovell

Good afternoon. It’s great to be here again. I want to thank Bill Dorsey and Tony Knopp for bringing me here once again. I’m a big fan of this conference because unlike many conferences, which have become increasingly more about being safe, I feel like real ideas happen here. So I’m not going to be safe. I’m going to call it as it is, even if it is painful to some of the people in this audience, so I hope that the food is far enough down your esophagus that it won’t come up on you.

A year ago, I came before you and said that I couldn’t predict the future but was pretty sure the ticketing marketplace was as dynamic as ever before. That became the reality. In the last year, if there’s one storyline it’s that we’ve seen more teams decide that they would rather hold inventory themselves than offload it to brokers.

The Broker Influence >>

The Rise in Ticket Prices >>

The Winners >>

The Sponsor Has Become More Valuable >>

The Sponsorship Paradigm Shift >>

Advice to Sponsors >>

Advice to Teams >>

When people ask me what the most dynamic topics in sports business are, ticketing for the last five years or so, has made my top five. It’s what makes it such an exciting space to work in, but it’s also scary. The sooner you embrace the fear, realize its daily shifting nature and share information among your colleagues and the people you do business with — the better off you will be.

Thank you.

“In 1998, an ESPN sports poll revealed that 54 percent of fans would rather be at an NFL game than at home. Last year, that percentage was 24 percent. Smart teams know that sponsors are partners and they can help change that equation by creating interactive experiences and solutions.”
Darren Rovell, ESPN

Opening Session

The opening session, moderated by Darren Rovell, included team executives and distinguished experts with education, legal, and consulting backgrounds.

“The [team] is here to listen to you and design a package. People are telling us it’s not the cost of the suite. It’s 120-140 nights — I just can’t find the people.”
Tom Wilson, Olympia Entertainment
(Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers)

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