Why SpotlightTMS?

Spotlight Ticket Management is the most advanced, intuitive, and easy to use company ticket management software currently used by fortune 1000 firms and over 65 professional teams in 4 major sports leagues. With unmatched product features, easy application customizations, and the only self-service software, Spotlight continues to blaze the trail at the forefront of corporate ticket management, compliance, and return on investment tracking.

Easy to Use Software

Spotlight Ticket Management is the most intuitive, easy to use, customizable ticket management software on the market. Spotlight does not require confusing training or multiple calls to customer service, though we sure do love to hear from our customers!

Your team will hit the ground running with Spotlight’s easy to understand processes. Top firms agree. Spotlight’s integration team will have you up and running in no time!

Once launched, Spotlight partners can make changes to their instance, change tracking fields, and upload tickets in no-time. There is no easier to use and efficient ticket and expense management software on the market today.

Web Based SAAS Software

Spotlight is the only truly web based SaaS software. What does this mean to your firm? There is no installation, no bulky software, no servers, and no maintenance for you. All upgrades are automatically implemented assuring your software will continuously get better at no cost. See more at Why Saas?

All schedules, venue maps, locations, and times are automatically updated allowing our customers to add tickets, season tickets, and even suites in under two minutes. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, Minor League Baseball, Concerts, Theater, & more all automatically updated. Spotlight allows our partners to add custom events including but not limited to: special meetings, theme park passes, privately branded events, and more.

If you need to track access, Spotlight is the software for you. No other ticket management software has this user friendly and necessary capability.

Easily Request Tickets

No more e-mails. No more phone calls. Each staffer can access the tickets available to them at any time from any computer, web accessible smart phone, or tablet computer. Simplify the process and allow staff to request tickets while administrators and decision makers decide on the best use of tickets. Create easy to filter waiting lists and place requests side by side to see which use of your tickets offers the best return on investment.

Salesforce CRM Integration

The SpotlightTMS for Salesforce (S4S) application, available as a free download, enables Salesforce CRM users to take full advantage of the revenue increasing and deal closing value of sports and entertainment events, all without leaving their familiar Salesforce environment. A SpotlightTMS license is required.

  • Invite your leads and contacts to attend events and track their history
  • Get company-owned and external tickets using your SpotlightTMS account from within Salesforce
  • View all your past ticket request on SpotlightTMS without leaving Salesforce

Interactive Maps

Spotlight offers Interactive Maps complete with pictures from each section allowing your team full knowledge into any tickets they are requesting or purchasing.

Take a look at the tickets the company owns, click on the “view from seats” to see if these tickets fit your needs, and sort by section to shop from StubHub, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, and every major seller. Give your staff all the tools they need to successfully drive business with your tickets.

Over 200 Reports… And They’re EASY

The most powerful sports and entertainment ticket reporting tool on the market today, Spotlight Ticket Management gives you access to over 200 reports including vital reports such as:

  • Used vs. Unused Tickets
  • Ticket Inventory: Current Month & Next Month
  • Top Company Users
  • Most Invited Companies
  • Top Attendees
  • Return on Investment
  • Influenced Revenue
  • Identifying crucial tax deductions
  • Guaranteeing the best tickets are used for the best reasons

Over 200 more each with the ability to drill-down to the most important detail. You can also customize reports to be automatically sent to Compliance or Executive Management.

All Spotlight reports are exported to Excel in one click!

E-Ticketing: Go Green To Save Green

Eliminate expensive shipping bills while enjoying the convenience of e-ticketing. Spotlight can automate every request by automatically distributing e-tickets once a request is approved. Spotlight allows you to send tickets directly to the requestor or the invitee and is built to handle all forms of e-ticketing including Ticketmaster, VERITIX Flash Seats, Tickets.com, and more. Start saving money immediately while eliminating the hassle of mailing out tickets.

Pre-Allocation & Ticket Proxy

Spotlight enables you to allocate the most important & most valuable event tickets to your executives with one easy click. Busy executives will automatically be allocated tickets without any hassle. All information will be tracked and reported on within Spotlight allowing true ROI analysis instantaneously.

Sometimes assistants or proxies will need to request tickets for others. No problem. Spotlight offers pre-allocation and ticket proxy.

Fully Customizable… By You For You

Spotlight’s interface is customized to represent your brand, your colors, & your company policy. As the only true SAAS model, Spotlight allows you to:

  • Import your colors and logo
  • Customize your company policy for any changes and updates
  • Change data fields being tracked with one click. Customize on the fly to keep up with corporate compliance changes
  • Communicate with your staff with three unique customer message prompts
  • Add notes and information to all ticket listings
  • Attach documents to approvals such as catering menus, company policy, and more!

Choose Who Sees What Tickets

With Spotlight’s line of business functionality you have the power to decide who has access to what company tickets. Show sensitive tickets only to your executives. If the executives don’t use them, release them to the rest of your staff as the games or events get closer. Separate tickets by department, line of business, region, title, or any of over 40 choices. Departments and Lines of Business are fully customizable and allow true transparency and effective ticket use.

Cutting Edge Technology

Spotlight isn’t just built for the future…we are shaping the future. Spotlight already integrates seamlessly with your favorite CRM tools, software providers, and technology leaders. Spotlight has been built for the future in ticketing and will walk together as your partner as we make sports and entertainment tickets, suites, and hospitality assets efficient and lucrative for your business!

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