Why SpotlightTMS?

Spotlight Ticket Management is essential for any company spending over $70,000 on tickets and hospitality assets. Ticket to events provides significant business return and a competitive advantage when done properly and creates significant risk and waste when done improperly. Contact us today for a free assessment of your current program and processes – we are experts in ticket management

43% of Tickets Go to Waste No More Spreadsheets
Keep Executives Involved Eliminate Risk

Four Steps To Saving 40% On Your Tickets

In addition to the immediate benefits of reducing waste and risk while gaining efficiency and transparency, we will show you how to save 40% on your ticket and event expenditures. There is no easier application to implement and no greater return to your bottom line than Spotlight. Contact us today for your free assessment and to get started with a free trial.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

All tickets that go unused are a waste in every sense of the word. There is zero return on investment on an unused ticket & no tax advantage. Use Spotlight to identify unused tickets weeks or months prior to an event and get tickets used immediately. Utilizing just 15% more of your tickets can save up to $1 million for some firms.

Identify Tax Deductions

Identify Tax Deductions

Tickets used for business reasons- such as giving tickets to employees as incentives or as a gift to clients- are tax deductible through Section 274 of the IRS tax code. Please consult your tax professional and immediately begin taking your deductions. In many cases proper tax deductions can lead to a savings of up to 20% from current practices

Saving Staff Time

Saving Staff Time = Saving $$$

Spotlight eliminates the need to:

  • Keep time consuming & inefficient spreadsheets & reports.
  • Run around last minute trying to unload tickets
  • Search constantly for tickets or how to buy tickets

Employee costs are high and time spent managing
tickets is time better spent focusing on your business

Allocate Tickets to What Works

Allocate Tickets To What Works

Spotlight will identify the ticket use that drives the most business for your firm. No more guessing! Run the robust reporting tool to make plans for the upcoming season & concerts. Know in advance which tickets are your most valuable and where they are best allocated. Putting the right tickets into the right hands = immediate bottom line improvement