“The reality is, the corporate dollar right now is rushing to China, it’s rushing to Europe…”

“It’s also the opportunity to really sponsor something where you can get more bang for your buck…”

“It really allows you to touch all your customers… You get to really leverage the Final Four weekend which is a premium event…”

“Corporations are always looking to get a hold of somebody that has a very packed schedule…the only time I’m going to get a hold of him is if I take him to something he absolutely wants to go to, and that’s not Sochi…”

“The Super Bowl is a corporate event. It’s a very different event than an NFL game…”

“The revenue for luxury suites is so much higher than the regular suites…”

“The numbers you see with the NFL are much more dramatic than any other sports. We have NFL suite partners that host $20 million in potential revenue at every game they’re at…”

“I believe you need to create fan bases, and the number of fans come from the ability to consume your sport, consume your team, and to consume your passion for your sport and team…”

The interview begins with PGA Tour and it also covers: MLB and mid-season news, the NFL pre-season, NHL economics, and the relationship between game ambiance and TV broadcasting.

“The reality and interesting thing about Tiger is he’s still not carrying the big sponsors…”

“You’re starting to see sports outgrow what it once was…”

“There is a reason that sponsorships in sports is higher than it has ever been in the last year and there has been a significant growth. It’s because there is a tremendous return for it.”

“The reality is, only 20%-30% of total team revenue is coming from game day. The rest of that payroll is being paid for by the people sponsoring and partnering with the team.”

“The Lakers have been a dynasty for decades now, and that goes all the way to the top of the organization.”

“March Madness is dramatically more accessible than the Super Bowl is to the common fan.”

“When it comes to the Lakers, they’ve made it easier for an entire LA empire to be built around them…They are the staple of the LA sports environment.”

“10 years ago, it was incredibly difficult for the average fan to get a ticket to the Super Bowl. The market is more efficient now.”

“Make sure you can get a ticket in your hand more than a week prior to the game.”

“I do believe there are customers that have already made the decision that no matter how this year goes, they aren’t coming back next year.”

“Sometimes it’s not that simple. Most of the companies we have doing this have really dramatic return numbers on their tickets. It’s really impressive.”    |   Read Article

“The NHL fan is incredibly loyal. The problem is, the corporate fans are not loyal. The fact is, 40% of ticket revenue comes from corporations.”

“The global brands, they’re going to be fine. It’s those mid-market and small-market teams that already are having trouble competing, you start cutting revenue for them, it’s going to show up on the ice.”

“Since 2008 people are looking to cut costs, and one of the first places they go is sporting events on the corporate side.”

“There’s only so much these sponsors and execs can fight off before finally they say let’s offer up the NHL. They’re not playing this year anyway and we can save our NBA, MLB and NBA (tickets).”

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