Change Management Messaging

More and more companies are moving to SpotlightTMS as a solution to promote compliance and further track their significant sports marketing spends. Implementing a ticket management solution is much like any other project: you get out of it what you put into it. From a best practice standpoint, any company currently running or considering a ticket management solution is likely ahead of their industry peers and competition. A common challenge for any process change is managing that change. From a tickets perspective however, change management is simple because a) the company owns the tickets not the employee and b) the majority of tickets purchased for events are obtained online already.

Corporate Tickets are the only segment new to being subject to online processes. If someone wants to take their kids to Disney on Ice, what do they do? They go to the venue’s website, Ticketmaster, or (or any other provider) to search for and purchase tickets. If someone wants to buy tickets for a client for a concert, what do they do? They go online and look for tickets.

The process for obtaining tickets from your company is no different. With SpotlightTMS an employee logs in, searches for tickets, fills out required information, and submits the order. The only step that is different is that typically companies don’t collect credit card information from their employees. They simply collect compliance, business impact (revenues), and client information (who the tickets are for).

With that in mind, managing change within an organization is simple. Companies using SpotlightTMS have simply communicated that there is now a process to obtaining the company’s tickets. Yes, it’s different than sending an email to a ticket coordinator, but now, instead of email and spreadsheet circulation with no control and virtually no measure of compliance, the company has a solidified, compliant, and efficient tracking system in place. SpotlightTMS is one portal for one purpose: tracking and everything to do with tickets. Once employees understand that goal, adoption is smooth and change management is a breeze.

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