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Ticket Management has evolved to mean something different at every company. At SpotlightTMS we’ve seen it all, large companies with very few tickets, small regional companies with tens of thousands of tickets, and everything in between. Regardless of their size, forward thinking organizations put stringent processes in place to ensure that tickets get into the right hands and that every dollar spent on tickets is tracked. While every organization that owns tickets is unique, the philosophy behind tracking ticket expenses is consistent: everything must be recorded. Everything.

Tracking company purchased and inventoried tickets is straightforward as long as they are requested through a centralized system and their use is automatically recorded. However, what about tickets being purchased ad hoc, directly and outside of inventory? What does this mean? The answer is simple; if you are not also tracking the use of these ad hoc tickets you are vulnerable to audits and potentially compliance violations. Organizations must take a holistic Total Ticket Management approach to ensure that all tickets are being tracked no matter where they came from or what they’re being used for.

A quick answer might be, “we don’t have a problem because we aren’t buying extra tickets.” You may be surprised to learn that this is almost never the case. Your employees are buying other tickets for business purposes. In fact, our customer research shows that many companies actually spend three times more on ad hoc tickets than they do on company-inventoried purchases. When does this happen? A last minute meeting is arranged; an event is the perfect place to close the deal; but there are no company tickets available. The easy answer is to buy the tickets and expense them.

Here lies the issue: the reporting and compliance value of your centralized ticket management system is compromised because it is only tracking a portion of your ticket usage. Why were ad hoc tickets purchased? Where were they purchased? Was it the best price? How were they used? How much are you actually spending on ad hoc purchases? The answers to these questions are critical to measuring the effectiveness of your sports and entertainment programs, managing your budgets and adhering to compliance regulations. The solution is straightforward. Centralize all business ticket purchasing and apply the same rigor and process regardless of whether tickets are purchased from inventory or ad hoc.


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Total Ticket Management means tracking and measuring the use of all tickets, regardless of where they come from. Establish a clear centralized policy and system for ticket inventory and ad hoc ticket purchases that offers your employees flexible ticket options while maintaining the compliance you desire. The result, you will have an actionable, auditable compliant picture of total ticket usage.

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