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We needed to onboard a partner who could help implement more of an electronic tracking system. Any ticket request had a lot of internal stakeholders weighing in on the business justification, the size of the group, the client, the Aon host and whether it was for new business development or client retention purposes. We ask a lot of a requestor.

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Our CEO counts on me to build into our budget planning each year, not only what is our total ticket allocation but what are the changes. He counts on me to come forward with these recommendations. I’m able to explain allocation recommendations by saying, “I saw it in Spotlight.

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Our goal is to use 100 percent of our tickets and measure strategic outcomes. SpotlightTMS allows us to measure the positive correlation between ticket and suite usage and revenue growth. Single login and fewer passwords have resulted in a higher adoption rate among our employees…

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“SpotlightTMS has revolutionized our internal ticket management and has measurably saved us time and effort. The reports give management insight into how our tickets and suites are being used, thereby enabling us to maximize the value of these assets.”

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“To manage ticket requests and allocations more fairly, Comcast allocates its tickets between various groups such as local “interconnect”, and marketing. The ticket administrator has to manually type all ticket information into slow and difficult Excel spreadsheets. A comcast decision-maker then allocates the tickets to the different lines of business.”

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What Do Companies Do With $20 Billion in Sports Tickets?

According to the trash can, sports tickets aren’t worth much. Companies throw away more tickets than you will see in your lifetime: In fact, 43% of all tickets owned by businesses go unused. The average business person uses only 7.8 total tickets each year.

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