Labs – Innovations in Sports Ticket Management

Spotlight Labs allows you to try out experimental new features. Before you install, it’s important to keep the following things in mind about these features:


New Innovations In Sports Ticket Management Available In Alpha:


Take your tickets with you on your mobile devices. Experience instant access to sports, concert and theatre tickets. Get instantly notified on the status of your company ticket requests. Download the app now!

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Put your company tickets right in your inbox with Spotlight Labs newest Outlook integration. Your tickets are at your fingertips right in your inbox, allowing instant access without adding new bookmarks, creating new usernames, or remembering new passwords. Simply click and order without leaving your familiar Microsoft Outlook Inbox.

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Add the Spotlight shortcut to your desktop, allowing you to log-in and order tickets right from your home screen. Now you can access all your tickets any time with just one click.

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