In many companies, Finance and Accounting have to take on the role of managing the risk associated with sports tickets. All too often, the information of who went to a game, with whom, and for what purpose is missing or difficult to pull together. It takes time and it’s a hassle to track down the information after the event has taken place. If the event information is incomplete, it is more challenging to ensure full tax deductibility and to handle internal and external audits.

What if there was a solution that captured and stored the necessary information at the time the event ticket order was approved? A one-and-done solution.

Spotlight makes it not only easier for Sales to request tickets, but it makes the process much easier for Finance to save and report information for tax and compliance purposes. A key feature of the application is the one-time submission of information. At the time a requestor’s ticket order is approved, all information about the event is automatically saved within Spotlight. Reports built into the application can export information at any time.

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