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Manage up to 300 tickets per year

Manage up to 500 tickets per year

Prepay and save over 40%
Manage up to 500 tickets per year

Use more than 500 tickets a year? Contact us for pricing and additional features.


Get the most from your tickets in just ten minutes with Ticket Manager Express! Sign up and set-up your Ticket Manager Express instantly online. With Ticket Manager Express, your company can leverage the most powerful online ticket management tools immediately.

Make your company tickets easy in a matter of minutes with features including:

  • Mobile Ticket Office: Request tickets, approve and deny requests, and take tickets with you anywhere you go
  • Instant Ticket Loading: Upload an entire season in under a minute
  • E-Ticketing: Print barcodes and email tickets to customers and staff instantly. Ticket Manager Express partners directly with the biggest ticket providers, including Ticketmaster
  • Full Ticket Control:
    • Allocate tickets to lines of business, divisions, or titles in one-click
    • Decide who sees what tickets when
    • Make it easier for your administrators to share tickets with staff
    • Send e-mail updates to staff with reminders for unused tickets
    • Pre-Allocation: Give tickets to execs and staff instantly without a request
  • Manager Approval: Do you require a manager to approve a ticket request before it gets to a ticket admin? No problem!
  • Instant Reports: The most powerful reporting available today.
    • Who used tickets and why?
    • See who the invitees are for your upcoming event?
    • How are tickets being used?
  • And Much Much More.
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